The body cleaning

What do we do when in the house on the shelves a dust appears or on the floor garbage appears? Of course we do up! Now imagine your body in every cell of which unhealthy and sometimes toxic substances are accumulated. Those substances are not the best reflect to the quality of your life with the lapse of time. From time to time your body needs spring cleaning. So a complex cleaning of a body can be called in this way. Slagging of the organism is characterized by several stages. At the first stage a person who, outwardly seems to be healthy, begin to notice heightened fatigability and irritability. If person reduces the number of meals there is a feeling of weakness, headache and sometimes simply unbearable hunger. This is the first sign that such a person needs to do a complex cleaning of the body. But as a rule, the average person is too busy "the more important things" and the first stage of the organism slagging slowly grows to the second. When to the above symptoms pathological changes of the skin, aching joints, acute respiratory infections are added, it means that a man entered the second phase of the body slagging. Very often the person leaves even that signals without attention, well, who among us does not suffer from influenza in the autumn or winter? And moreover if at the day before you got wet your feet what kind of slagging is that, this is just a cold! Unwittingly begins the third stage of slagging when the body signals that it is time to start removing toxins from the body. Usually it becomes apparent in the form of allergic reactions, otitus, and inflammations of the nasopharynx, conjunctivitis and stable chronic diseases. At the fourth stage develops obesity, gallstone disease, cysts, polyps, and skin tumors - moles. Of course, that does not mean that when the new mole appears on the body it’s time to sound the alarm, but if you have the other symptoms, it is worth to think about geting rid of toxins from the body. To fifth and sixth stages of the body slagging correspond the deformation of organs and organic diseases of the nervous system. Well, if person do not realize that things are so bad and do not take any action, he moves to the seventh stage, which is characterized by pathological changes in cells and the formation of malignant tumors. You should know a few rules if you realized the necessity of the body slagging.

Cleaning of the liver, gall bladder and ducts

Liver - is one of the major organs, which prevent blood from entering the various harmful substances. Exactly liver does an important barrier function. If you remove the liver from the body, then a person dies in a few hours. The most "popular" liver disease is cholelithiasis. Most often this is occurred by an unbalanced diet, but the role of stress is also quite high.

For safe treatment of liver, gall bladder and ducts should logically pass three phases: At the first stage of cleaning is necessary to increase the flexibility of the bile ducts and gall bladder. The second stage provides for the putting in muscle tone of the gall bladder and ducts, and opening of the common bile duct. The third stage of cleaning is being completed by the creation of a powerful choleretic effect and the reduction of the gallbladder and the ducts with the release of toxins and stones into the duodenum. One of the features of cleaning is that the liver, being a filter, during the cleaning takes a bulk of accumulated toxins. That causes to a short-term repeated intoxication, which can be shown as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, etc. During the liver cleaning an increased blood flow is shown in it, which activates enzymatic processes also causing to discomfort in the liver. It should be noted that these displays are absolutely natural, so there is nothing to be afraid of! We should also note that the degree of re-intoxication depends on the degree of the body slagging. If cleaning the liver, gall bladder and ducts to carry out with the herbal tea NORMALIZATOR® it will ensure a completely safe cleaning of the body in just 1.5 days due to compliance with the above three stages. After your successfully completed cleaning of the liver and gall bladder ducts stage bowel cleaning begins.


Intestine is the main "highway", through the which everything goes into your body. The length of this "highway" is approximately 4 meters. Throughout the journey, which food runs, nutrients are being absorbed by the intestine and the harmful output as feces. But the part of the unnecessary and not digested substances is delayed in the intestine for a long time. And it is to get rid of these harmful residues that purgation is required. There are several symptoms that will tip you about time to remove toxins from the body, for bowel cleaning in particular. In case you notice frequent bloating, you have irregular stools, bad breath then you should pay your attention on the intestine. Cleaning of the intestine can be performed by doctors, there is a special procedure named hydrokolonotherapy. It is quite effective and it is used by doctors worldwide. During bowel cleaning to 40 liters of water goes up through the human body, which removes from all parts of the intestine mucus, stool, and stones which have accumulated on the walls. But there is one drawback in this method of removing toxins from the body, its cost and the elimination simbiothik flora. Purgation is possible and at home. Good old enema with a particular compound is usually used for this, which stimulates the removal of toxins from the body. But this procedure is quite uncomfortable, although very effective. Much more pleasant alternative to a comprehensive detoxification, in this case, bowel cleaning, is the use of herbal tea NORMALIZATOR, which multiplies the intestinal peristalsis, allowing in a completely natural way to free it of slag. Agree that there is no the best way to remove toxins from the body. You are drinking tea and the body at this time is cleaning.

Skin cleaning

As it was mentioned above, at the second stage of slagging the body, skin may be pathologically changed. If you have notice these changes in time and you want to keep your skin clean and healthy it's time for skin cleaning. It's no secret that the state of the skin depends on the state of viscous and teamwork of the whole organism. Before starting the cleaning of the skin, you should firstly clean the liver and intestine, and then set to the removal of cosmetic defects. Mostly the state of the skin depends on the liver, from its dysfunction may develop neurodermatitis, rashes, itching. That’s why the cleaning of the skin is the next step after cleaning of the liver. Remember the most important rule about cleaning of the skin: cleaning should be systematic! If you once a month, do the cleaning and then for three weeks will not wash at all ,clearly, that the effect will be zero. That’s why it is necessary to do mechanical cleaning of the skin every day with the help of special cosmetic preparation, thanks God, the market of cosmetic products has what to choose from. Together with mechanical cleaning of the skin you should not forget about the internal reasons because of which skin may look impartially. Try not to abuse the sweet, eat healthy and not to break the functioning of the liver. That old hackneyed truth, but, nevertheless, its currency, they will not lose a long time. Type of mechanical cleaning must exactly match your skin type. Simply speaking, it is not necessary to clean oily skin with oil, and cleaning of the combined type is desirable to do with moisturizing milk. Along with the cleaning of the skin should be done well cleaning of the vessels.

Cleaning of the vessels

Cleansing the blood vessels and veins from inorganic salts and sediments in your body returns flexibility, elasticity and youth to your blood vessels. As a result, cleaning of vessels you get rid of headaches, multiple sclerosis, and various vascular diseases, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Cleaning of the blood vessels also has a positive influence on vision and hearing, and varicose veins can be generally forgotten. Cleaning of the blood vessels have a few recipes, most of which are based on the use of natural herbs - buckthorn, cassia, chamomile, etc. NORMALIZATOR® is created exactly on basis of these herbs. It not only cleans your blood vessels and returns them former elasticity, but also promotes better functioning of the stomach, pancreas, liver, kidney, and has a positive effect on metabolism. Thus, using a single herbal tea NORMALIZATOR® for 1,5 days, you can clean the liver and ducts, pancreas, colon cleansing, skin, blood vessels, as well as provide the most rapid and safe removal of stones and toxins from the body. At the heart of the stone formation is an imbalance between the fins of bile and dissolved substances in the blood (calcium carbonate, bilirubin and cholesterol). It is often surplus dissolved cholesterol leads to the formation of stones. Stones, which have being accumulated in the gall bladder and ducts lead to the stagnation of bile, the inflection of the gallbladder, duct clogging and, consequently, to attacks of pain. After an attack of renal colic itchy skin, yellow sclera may appear. Chronic existence of obstructive jaundice leads to the development of biliary cirrhosis, hepatic coma, holemick bleeding. Gallstones can cause to the pressure sores and even perforation of the gallbladder wall. In addition, gallstones are usually accompanied by inflammation of the pancreas. Anatomically, this iron has a common duct to the biliary system. Inflammation of the gallbladder is often evidence of inflammation of the pancreas and liver ducts. Any kind of inflammation is always caused by some microorganisms that can invade other organs and digestive system. In such cases doctors, as a rule, recommend the surgery. But for each of us the operation is the most extreme measure. We are ready to do everything to avoid it…

A simple argument can be given for benefit of more benign methods of treatment. Does the cause of stone formation eliminate after surgery? No, the operation is struggling with the investigation. Unfortunately, stones continue to accumulate in the hepatic ducts, even after the quick interference because of the cause remain.

What is the way out of this situation? Our days, there is a safe technique for removal of stones from the gallbladder and bile ducts. It is based on the application in certain way selected medicinal plants, as a result of which even the quite large stones are painless and perfectly safely eliminate from the body. For 15 years this method has been successfully used thanks to a method based on herbal tea NORMALIZATOR®.