How to use

Strictly adhere to these recommendations on the application!

The night before - a light supper to 19 hours.

On the following day:

At 06:30 to cook semolina (or oatmeal): 150 g water, 150 g of milk - boil, add about 1 tablespoon semolina, not add salt, you can add a little sugar, cook for 5 minutes. Porridge should be rare, like jelly.

At 07:00 to drink it warm.

At 8:30 boil 250 g packet of herbs from package №1 of dietary supplement, herbal tea NORMALIZATOR™ brew 30 minutes.

At 09:00 in drink warm 100 g of infusion.

At 12:00 drink 100 grams more of warm infusion № 1 dietary supplement herbal tea NORMALIZATOR™, the rest pour out.

At 12:00, boil 500 g of water in a pot with the lid open, add the package № 2 dietary supplement, herbal tea NORMALIZATOR™. Closing the lid, boil for 7-10 minutes on very low heat. Then wrap the container with the broth of newspapers and wrap with blankets, pillows.

At 17:00 strain infusion and drink warm 350-400 g, not forcing yourself. You can do it with a few interruptions. Herbs relieve inflammation, promote the formation of bile, and most importantly - expand the bile ducts and reduce them.

At 18:30 prepare: 120-150 g vegetable oil, lemon.

At 19:00 - 19:20 drink 15-30 g (1-2 Tablespoons) butter, drink lemon juice or eat a slice of lemon. Lemon can be replaced with 100 g of black coffee. Repeat exactly each 7 minutes. Vegetable oil acts as a food stimulus to assist the opening of the bile ducts. Then begin to "work" herbals, reducing and relaxing the bile duct. Citric acid prevents the occurrence of nausea from the use of vegetable oil.

Then lie on your back with your hot-water bottle on the right hypochondriac, lie 2 hours if you have the impulse to the toilet, go without removing the heater. Then try to sleep, without heater if you wish. If in the night you would urge - go to the toilet. If nauseated, you have to take one teaspoon of white clay, dissolve in 100 g. of water, defend the 3 min. and drink.

In the morning, having woke up around 7:00 to make an enema, enter 1 liter of boiled water, t = 24-26 °C, retaining an urge, an urge for a second water release portions, immediately enter another 1 liter of water. And thus, repeat after 1 hour (total of 6 enemas) *.

Around 10:00-11:00 light breakfast - cheese (cottage cheese) with tea or freshly prepared juice (carrot and apple). During of the day go to a regular diet.

The course consists of three purification procedures with an interval of 1 week to 1 month depending of the age and condition of the body.

* If the enema does not suit you, you cannot do them (or, if possible, make at least two).

During the day you should be in a good psycho-emotional state.