Most people eventually say to themselves: "I want to lose weight!" To tell the truth, the extra weight is a loose concept. Some are worried about some demi-kilo, others suffer from serious illness, called obesity. We shall not dwell on the first case now, although we want to note that in any weight you should do a comprehensive cleaning of the body from time to time. Read about it in "Cleaning of the the body".

It is necessary to talk about those people who are at risk for obesity. And this is quite large group of people, taking into account the main factors promoting to obesity:

As you can see, there is cause for concern among many of our contemporaries. After all, any of these factors - together or separately - can lead to disease, which is called obesity. Medicine identifies three types of obesity:

Alimentary-constitutional obesity runs in families and usually develops with a systematic overeating and lack of adequate physical activity. Hypothalamic obesity is a result of the breach of hypothalamic functions. Obesity is caused by endocrine disorders of the endocrine glands. Common indication of all forms of obesity is excess weight. Besides the problems of aesthetic nature, disease leads back to a number of complications: shortness of breath, depressed mood, sleepiness, and sometimes irritability, nausea, bitter taste in the mouth, swelling of the lower extremities, joint pain, and pain in the spine. For women it has different menstrual irregularities, hirsutism, there is a risk of infertility. For men it has a decrease in potency, increased blood pressure, may cause atherosclerosis. Consequences of obesity may be the development of diabetes and trophic skin disorders. Thus, overweight is a consequence of disease and dysfunction of the body that requires immediate treatment. It is clear that it is impossible to lose weight for 2 days in this situation. Such a disease requires a comprehensive treatment. Generally, it is recommended a balanced low-calorie diet by reducing carbohydrate content, and partly animal fat. You should use products that promote bowel cleaning, accelerating the passage of food through it (plum, carrot, beet and yogurt). Also it is required an active mode, including gymnastics, swimming, etc. With drugs, the situation is more complicated. What to do? To see a doctor for medication, which often have a lot of contraindications, or independently conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the body? Anyway there is the one goal - to lose weight and to minimize the accumulation of fat. Recently there were developed innovative techniques that allow in a natural way to accelerate fat metabolism, without violating any bodily functions. They are based on natural plants and they are harmless. Derived from the body excess fat - cholesterol, decreased body slags, which subsequently leads to faster fat burning. At the same time restored a lot of vital body functions and clean the liver, gallbladder, bile duct, pancreas, intestine, blood vessels and skin. Such a procedure using herbal tea NORMALIZATOR requires minimal cost and time! Just 1.5 days! Try our unique herbal tea NORMALIZATOR, which will help you to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the body and lose weight.